On Employability

If you’ve floated before, how many times have you floated?



Why are you interested in float tanks?

The float tank was the “sensory deprivation tank” and then the “think tank” before it was the “float tank.”

This progression betrays the resilience of the Cartesian epistemology in our culture–  “I think; therefore I am.”  Only what is thought is real– not what is sensed, felt, perceived.  “Sensory deprivation” is indistinguishable from “thought.”  Heidegger famously postulated that the only meaningful statements we can make are about the world and take place in the world, so sensory “being-in-the-world” is the only meaningful conception of reality.  Indeed, if we don’t presume the existence of God as a non-physical final domain of omniscience, as Descartes did, then “being in the world” and “reality” become basically a tautology, and “pure thought” becomes nonsense.

Then equivocation between “thinking” and “sensory deprivation” shows the Christian metaphysics still underlying our thought.

But when we move past “think” to just “float” as the product-descriptor, it is a movement back towards being, but it becomes the physicality of physical deprivation: “I float; therefore I feel nothing.”  For this reason, it is somewhat fascinating.  I would like to try it.



How do you alleviate stress in your own life?

Exercise, poetics, sociality



What are the greatest things you’ll contribute to Float On?

If hired:  Probably I will be like the Achilles of customer service.  Poets will sing praise of my deeds for millennia.  I will affix the float tanks of our rivals to the rear hub of my bicycle, and parade these tokens of our triumph through the crumbling fluorescent halls of their old storefronts.

But the city-states have crumbled into mercenary states, and fierceness has not abated, but only become more volatile.



How would you describe your ideal work environment?

World-historical, generous.

The refrigerators are stocked with goat cheese; the shelves with the cantos of Ezra Pound.  Co-workers wrestle or practice gymnastics; they take this visceral feeling of significance to their deserving professional duties.


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