okcupid limericks

Some like the heat,
some like the cold.
some like the beach,
or the mountains and snow.

Some dig pajamas,
some dig croquet.
I think I could go either way.

In a green garden, in orange and red plaid
hitting the ball, scratching my head–
did I make this wicket?
How could I have missed it?
It was right there before me
but my ball only kissed it!

deep blue with a pale sullied stripe
(rolling in dirt, washed over in dew)
my ball rolls by swiftly
(alas) it does not roll true
You saw how I hit it,
you saw what I did.
Failures happen so quickly,
success never did.

Stuck at a tea party
on my rich friend’s yacht
laughing and rolling
and eating a lot
Who could have said truly
A riot I’d start
when I ordered sushi
for deliv’ry at dark
It was came after dusk
(well, well before dawn)
the guests were all hungry
They came down like a swarm.

Who could say truly
“you just must do you”
if hunger drives us
to devour our crew?

An insect lays eggs
A kangaroo hops
Humans do actions
and must pay their rent

between these constraints
(and hunger and thirst)
we all have the freedom
to do what we want

it is a cliche,
or may be perhaps
a willing lapse
(as we forgo reason,
and abandon the past.)
But before I go on
I must surely admit,
I do do like your slogans,
and more than a bit)

but surely we take them
with a cautious attitude
so we don’t fall in error
and believe we could be:
doin’ ourselves, doin’ our best–
’cause what could that mean if
who does what to whom?


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