a trio of poems about being an asshole



2) Tell me what you mean by “be yourself”

It’s just, that I
ate two plates of
pork dumplings.

they were fried and
i ate this thick chicken soup,

And last weekend I went to ultimate practice,
and this weekend, I didn’t.
because I didn’t want to.

And I used to be kosher
but I realized
it’s not something I still wanted to do.

I realized,
it was not a community
I wanted to be a part of.



3) Guys, I just love to think of myself as “creative”

That was so fun.
Guys, give me another topic for a poem.
“Monkeys who think like humans.”
I dont want to write a poem about that.

Guys, listen to me laugh,
laugh as I write it,
and when I read it.
But I only really like that last couplet.

Guys, I really only like
that last couplet. But that’s pretty good,
I’m pretty stoned.
And I’m new at this.

But guys,
thanks for all of this,
I feel a little funny,
you know, because,

There are certain circles,
where this wouldn’t feel okay.
There are certain circles,
where this would feel like an affectation.


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